Technology Trends and Predictions 2018

More Specific Predictions Investigations into misinformation and the role of platforms intensify, but lead to little concrete action in most countries beyond new rules for election-based advertising. Facebook or Google will be regularly accused of censorship this year after protectively removing content, which they feel might leave them open to fines. Fact-checking, news literacy, and […]

Applications and value of deep learning

Mapping AI techniques to problem types As artificial intelligence technologies advance, so does the definition of which techniques constitute AI. For the purposes of this briefing, we use AI as shorthand for deep learning techniques that use artificial neural networks. We also examined other machine learning techniques and traditional analytics techniques (Exhibit 1). Exhibit 1 Neural […]

What boom? The economy is off to a ‘meh’ start to 2018

Unfortunately, predictions for first-quarter economic growth have plunged in recent weeks, signaling 2018 may be off to a “meh” start. Barely a month ago the Atlanta Federal Reserve predicted booming growth of 5.4% for the first three months of the year. But stingy spending by American consumers has forced the Atlanta Fed to dramatically scale back its outlook. […]

The most important media and PR trends

Nostradamus. The Amazing Kreskin. John Edward. The Psychic Friends Hotline. If we want to know the next-generation trends in the media and public relations, we could consult famous prognosticators and psychics via Ouija boards, telekinetic thoughts, emails or laying of hands.  Or we could do it the right way by contacting our friendly neighborhood PR […]

The 7 Biggest Small Business Trends

1.      MILLENNIALS WILL GET THEIR SAY Millennials are starting to become leaders. Millennials are seeking to make deeper connections with millennial consumers. In practice, this means more experiential sales and marketing, less emphasis on glitz and glamour, and a push for consumers to “connect” with brands. 2.      MARKETING DRIVES RESULTS WITH A FOCUS ON PROBLEMS Top performing […]